The whole world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going

March 23, 2010

China,USA and India all have one thing in common-All of them are seen as future superpowers but the truth is that there is one and only one superpower in the current world and thats the republic of China.The USA at one point of time was literally begging for a G-2 a rumour never denied or accepted but one thing is for sure,it is more than rumour.The USA is trying its best to sort out their differences with China like The USA’s arms sale to Taiwan,its plan to put an end to the nuclear ambitions of Iran and various other issues.This was the importance of China in the New World,now lets come its importance in Asia.Most or shall I say all 21st century wars have been fought in Asia where India has intervened in many whereas China has not intervened in any.This is a point to be encircled keeping in mind rapid Chinese military expansion in its own territory.The world including its dying superpower USA was nervous on October the 1st the reason being Chinese Independence and a show of its military might which would overtake USA within a matter of years.All this is not a matter of concern but the matter to be concerned with Chinese associations with countries with a wrong international impression.Due to this the world can have a dilemma regarding a gurantee by the new superpower to promote growth and peace in other countries as well.And its foes from past can wait for now because China is coming prepared for everything.